In this paper, we establish a theoretical connection between the classical Lucas & Kanade (LK) algorithm and the emerging topic of Spatial Transformer Networks (STNs). STNs are of interest to the vision and learning communities due to their natural ability to combine alignment and classification within the same theoretical framework. Inspired by the Inverse Compositional (IC) variant of the LK algorithm, we present Inverse Compositional Spatial Transformer Networks (IC-STNs). We demonstrate that IC-STNs can achieve better performance than conventional STNs with less model capacity; in particular, we show superior performance in pure image alignment tasks as well as joint alignment/classification problems on real-world problems.


Presentation & slides

The slides of the talk can be downloaded here.


The code is hosted on GitHub (TensorFlow and PyTorch).


CVPR 2017 paper: [ link ]

arXiv preprint: https://arxiv.org/abs/1612.03897


  title={Inverse Compositional Spatial Transformer Networks},
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